PAT1059. Prime Factors

题目 1059 Prime Factors(25 分) Given any positive integer N, you are supposed to find all of its prime factors, and write them in the format N = p1k1×p2k2×⋯×pmkm. Input Specification: Each input file contains one test case which gives a positive int...



俗话说,工欲善其事必先利其器。 我就是爱折腾,考研也一样。 想法 目前手上有的设备是:一台路由、一台占美小主机、一台手机、一台ipad、一台手机。iPad存储只有32G,看视频不方便,要在占美小主机上搭个ftp server 来看视频。同时需要做好上网时间的控制,我这个简直是没有自制力。 路由 原先的newifi无线太差劲了,百兆局域网实际samba的传输速度只有20Mbit,真是看个视频我都不愉快。 于是在转转上收了个斐讯k2p,花了135软民币。厂家濒临倒塌而产品价格飞升的情况我还...


PAT1069. The Black Hole of Numbers

题目 For any 4-digit integer except the ones with all the digits being the same, if we sort the digits in non-increasing order first, and then in non-decreasing order, a new number can be obtained by taking the second number from the first one. Rep...


PAT1101.Quick Sort

题目 There is a classical process named partition in the famous quick sort algorithm. In this process we typically choose one element as the pivot. Then the elements less than the pivot are moved to its left and those larger than the pivot to its r...


PAT1093. Count PAT's

题目 The string APPAPT contains two PAT’s as substrings. The first one is formed by the 2nd, the 4th, and the 6th characters, and the second one is formed by the 3rd, the 4th, and the 6th characters. Now given any string, you are supposed to tell t...


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